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About us at OneConnect Group


OneConnect Group is an innovative management consulting and solutions provider.  We are a blend of established principles and innovative ideas, which is a product of our people and organizational culture.

OneConnect leverages on its history and passion for solutions in order to provide significant value add to its Southern African market.  OneConnect's value proposition is captured in the word "connect"


 Core Mission and unparalleled Vision


To deliver unique and creative solutions that will lead to tangible economic growth to any individual, business, practice or organisation; geared towards intellectual and operational enrichment.  By meeting the client's needs, we ensure value-adding and prosperity to our customer's bottom line by:

Promising to deliver and maintain high ethical standards whilst pursuing sound business practices.
We give our clients a pleasant, satisfying and straightforward experience of using our services by following simple, streamlined processes and communicating in a
way that they understand.

The future of OneConnect Technologies is our clients and our profession.  Driven by a clear vision of the future - for our clients, our business and our profession:

Our products and services deliver consistent and predictable results, which always provide a return on investment that either meets or exceeds realistic projections.
Always create a positive and supportive environment for our staff and partners where they are encouraged to grow personally and professionally and reach their
own goals.


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